Sustainability design – international workshops is the proposal of the innovative solutions in raising the awareness within young pupils from the area of creative design solutions, supporting  environmental protection and sustainable development. The project helps in education process of young children (primary school) and learn how to live in accordance with nature and protection of the environment in future life. It helps to change their future point of view and learn how to design such reality which ensures sustainable development. In project modern and innovative equipment will be involved – two cars equipped with computers and laboratories in tent. They will help pupils understand the knowledge, presented at schools in real life and check how they can react and contribute in sustainable development designing.


The challenges presented in the project will be solved by organisation workshops for pupils at partner schools in Czech and Slovak Republic, Poland. All day workshop – lessons in classrooms and workshops in cars with special equipment – computers, experiments in tents and using education computer game focused on environmental protection will help to: understand how important is sustainable development; start designing new reality.



People Innovation – Design Foundation is focused on international cooperation – mainly within trans-border cooperation framework. Institution takes part in national and international projects from the area of education, environmental protection actions and culture design. Resent projects and missions undertaken by the institution:

Polish and Slovak education action – the energy of tomorrow (http://energia-jutra-sk-pl.flid.pl/); Czech and Polish education action – the energy of tomorrow (http://energia-jutra-cz-pl.flid.pl/) sustainable design – workshops and competition (http://arting.flid.pl/).

Trianon company is of the strategic partner for the People Innovation – Design Foundation, very active within trans-border area. Focused on environmental protection and sustainable development activities. Mostly activities focused on education pupils from primary and secondary schools. Well experience in national and international actions.